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Maybe you are aware that -rings play a crucial role in push fit fittings inside plumbing industry. Tube fittings are crucial to hydraulic systems, connecting tubing and hose to pumps, valves, cylinders, along with other components. When it comes to metric connections, assess the thread-to-thread distances. The male has right threads and a 24 seat. The seal is manufactured as soon as the -ring on the male contacts the within area of the feminine.

SSP Duolok® Tube Fittings are engineered two ferrule Swage design pipe fixtures which offer efficient, dependable, remakeable, leak-proof connections in instrumentation and procedure systems. Unlike NPT seals that stretch the female part, SAE seals utilize right threads and for that reason usually do not harm the mating part.

NB: A NPSM feminine could form a seal with a chamfered NPTF male. Parallel thread ports provide another advantage — users can orient or place shaped fittings during installation by adding a locknut and back-up washer toward parallel port end. With a tapered thread, the fitting typically seals via metal-to-metal wedging of the threads.

Our adapters and fittings meet SAE and other industry specifications. Threaded connections are the most frequent form of industrial tube fixtures. To get an exact KP-LOK O-Ring Face Seal (ORFS) Fittings value, make sure that the thread pitch gauge is suitable well regarding the threads. The male of Metric 60° Cone connection has a 60° recessed cone and a right thread.

JIC fittings provide the best versatility of the aforementioned fitting systems. The JIC female has right threads and a 37° flare seat. JIC fixtures aren’t ranked for these pressure reviews, specially in high vibration applications. Similarly, NPT threads aren’t recommended for greater force (except inexplicably in 10,000psi static hydraulic systems).

Brazed fixtures are recommended for thin to heavy-wall tubing, while mechanical-flange construction has a more-limited tube wall range. -rings are distinct since they form an even more reliable seal than the conventional metal-to-metal connections. Also, the male has a 300 internal chamfer as the female has an inverted 300 seat.

Some sizes have a similar threads whilst the SAE 37° flare. As the tube nut tightens, the bite band (ferrule) wedges between the fitting human anatomy and tube. Tube fittings are also available in flange and push-toconnect styles, but those two classes are beyond the scope of this conversation. The -Ring Pilot Threads connection is often utilized in automobile and commercial air conditioning systems.